Welcome to MagicCycling

Here’s our story.

20 years ago, MagicCycling started as a small online forum for cycling hobbyists.

Today, MagicCycling is a commercial group operating in multiple business segments. Every year, more than 21+ million users enjoy 5000+ updates through our media channels, where 150+ brands are marketed. The webshops present 3500+ articles to consumers, while 2000+ Chinese IBDs are supplied. Not mentioning 100+ sports events planned and organized under our name. All made possible by 60+ lovely colleagues.

But we never feel it’s enough. We want to share the same joy with cyclists around the world. Will you join us together?

MagicCycling as Exporter

MagicCycling is managing a worldwide distribution network dedicated to emerging brands in the two-wheel sector. In contrast to traditional exporters, we emphasize quality, innovation, and customer experience. You are more than welcome to be our partner.

MagicCyling as Importer

MagicCycling Trade is the retailer and the distributor of more than 80 brands to 2000+ Chinese IBDs. The so-called MagicCycling Strategy has helped many new brands achieve fast growth in the Chinese market. We are happy to distribute your brand in China. Feel free to contact us.