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By MagicCycling | 29 July 2022 | 0 Comments

BICYC E-Bike: Technology Revolutionary. Easy Cycling!

CITY.Air E-Bike

BICYC E-BIKE is the next development direction of urban travel. It incorporates the idea of sustainable mobility, two-wheeled electric new technology, and a product that is futuristic and realistic at the same time. From design and materials to sourcing, assembly, use, and reuse."

TOUR.Air E-Bike

Leisurely, High-efficient, and elegant. With the help of electric power, you can enjoy the fun and good time of cycling without straining or sweating, while soaking up the fresh air and sunshine, keeping you full of energy."

Cross.AM E-Bike

The Bicyc Cross.AM E-bike is an Advanced Carbon suspension e-MTB, like a fierce lion that powers you right back up the top mountain. Or it makes you traverse the rugged mountain road unhindered, exploring the infinite possibilities of yourself."


GRAVEL.Air E-bike

Bicyc Gravel. Air Ebike can be ridden almost anywhere, on the road or mountain or otherwise. It uses a Mivice M080 motor to give you superpower; wider tires and a streamlined frame design make you adapt to rough terrain and explore the possibilities."


 BICYC E-Bike Series


Explore a new way of electricity two-wheel transportation.

Performance: A new electric innovative technology creates better performance.

Design: Each BICYC e-bike is a moving work of art, sustainability, and practicality.

Experience: Provide users with the ultimate riding experience. Ride with confidence."

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