2023 China Cycle Show

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2023 China Cycle Show


The annual China Cycle Show is the largest bicycle industry event in China. But it was suspended due to COVID-19, which made many cycling enthusiasts very disappointed and lost a good opportunity to gather them together.


2023 5/5-5/8, China Cycle was successfully held as scheduled.


MagicCycling was at booth W1-0742. Let went through and felt the atmosphere of this exhibition!

It is unsurprising that more and more bicycle brand manufacturers are pouring into the electric two-wheel market with electrical power-assisted products as the core.


Under MagicCycling’s booth, the Bicyc e-bike attracted everyone's attention.

Our own OBM brand of Granitic was also a beautiful scenery on the booth.


Many foreign buyers traveled thousands of miles to the China Cycle in Shanghai and they were very interested in the products at our booth.


The foreign trade sales of us were enthusiastically introducing the products we are selling to the foreign customers.


A group photo of MagicCycling’s family.

We will see you next year at the China Cycle in 2024!

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