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Under the trend of consumption upgrading, electric bicycles, as a high-end substitute for bicycles, will continue to increase market penetration. The industry expects that by 2030, the total sales of bicycles and electric bicycles in Europe will increase from the current about 20 million units to about 3,000 units, and the proportion of electric bicycles will increase from about 20% to about 50%.

The popularity of electric bikes is driving the growth of the two-wheeled electric market by enabling commuters to choose a fast-moving solution that is environmentally friendly, hassle-free, and affordable.

Having your own e-bike gives you access to a whole new world of adventure. You can ride faster and go farther than you ever thought possible.



BICYC, Magic Cycling’s SELF-OWN-BRAND, with the mission of improving cycling through electric technology. We always aim to create a two-wheeled electric travel brand with both high performance and cost-effectiveness and participate in building a sustainable society. We are constantly taking action to make the planet cleaner, greener, and more sustainable.

We are committed to making two-wheeled electric mopeds a sustainable mode of travel. Explore new possibilities for two-wheel travel in the future!

With a simplified design concept, innovative technology, and high-performance electric-assist performance, we endow the ultimate riding fun, open a new era of technological riding, and reflect the perfect integration of people and technology.



BICYC, is the next development direction of urban travel. It incorporates the idea of sustainable mobility, two-wheeled electric new technology, and a product that is futuristic and realistic at the same time. From design and materials to sourcing, assembly, use, and reuse, we are working to make our bikes as circular as possible, guiding our bike design and production process.

Embodying sustainable design and innovative technologies is a good strategy to address some of the most pressing issues facing urban mobility. We break with tradition and do not deliberately whitewash, but focus on continuous improvement, the sooner the better.  

The features of us BICYC City Air E-bike :

· Simple and fashionable model design, technology trend.

· The frame adopts an aerodynamic design, with full internal cables, exquisite and beautiful, which effectively reduces wind resistance and improves riding efficiency.

· Mivice Power 350W rear wheel hub motor, waterproof, lightweight silent, efficient and unblocked.

· Torque sensor, smooth power, sensitive response.

· Samsung 21700 battery cell, safe and reliable, IP67 waterproof function, lasting battery life. The battery case is equipped with a lock to prevent loss.

· Recharge mileage 60-80km.

· Shimano 9 gear shifting, easy to cope with different road conditions.

· Hydraulic disc brake, feel comfortable, easy to brake.

· OLED central control instrument, easy to operate, still clearly visible under strong light, riding condition can be controlled at any time.

· Shelves and fender mounting ports are reserved for later DIY upgrades.



We adhere to the ultimate design concept and innovative technology to promote the development concept of sustainable travel.

With high-performance intelligent electric assistance, it provides the ultimate riding experience and opens a new era of technological travel. More series will be launching soon: Gravel, Cross, Speed, Cargo......

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