BICYC: Technology Revolutionary. Easy Cycling.

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BICYC: Technology Revolutionary. Easy Cycling.


Only cost electricity, lower selling price and maintenance cost, easy to ride, labor-saving and fast, keeping people away from congested and irritable people... Because of many advantages, e-bikes are becoming more and more popular.


Ebikes have a grand market has also become a fact and trend recognized by the industry. It is expected that in the next 10 years, the e-bike market will continue to grow and become the leading force in the development of the entire bicycle market. What is more concerning is that the demand for ebike by young people in contemporary cities is becoming more and more urgent.


We have done a small-scale survey. Among the sample size of more than 1,000 people, more than 60% of the surveyed users aged 25-40 said that they hoped to have the opportunity to try e-bikes. In fact, electric bicycles mean healthy travel, green environmental protection, new energy technology, sustainable development, leisure sports, and modern aesthetics... No matter from which perspective, there is no means of transportation that is more suitable for young users than electric bicycles. demand.


E-Bike - one of the mainstream representatives of the future technology trend. So, what kind of e-bike do young people want in this generation?

First of all, we need to understand what the young people of this generation are thinking.

- They pursue beauty, appreciate beauty, and do not compromise.

- They respect truth and respect technology but do not trust authority.

- They are confident enough to think independently and assert their "self".

What they want is - simplicity, fashion, trend, good looks, and attitude. And this is what the "BICYC" e-bike looks like.


The source of the "BICYC E-Bike": starts from a cycling trip 20 years ago. Before formally introducing the "BICYC", let's turn our attention to 20 years ago. As early as 2002, Mr. Zhou Fuyuan, the founder of "BICYC E-Bike", founded "Bicycle Travel Network" after completing long-distance cycling trips on Sichuan-Tibet Line, Xin-Tibet Line, and other lines, and after 20 years, it has developed into the largest bicycle in China. Information network platform - These 20 years are Zhou Fuyuan's most beautiful youth, which also means that his love for cycling has never been erased.

Mr. Zhou Fuyuan has been involved in the two-wheel industry for 20 years. He is very familiar with the upstream and downstream systems of the entire industry chain. At the same time, his years of business management experience have given him keen business judgment, and quickly seized the development opportunity of the e-bike market. So, 20 years after Zhou Fuyuan started his business, the e-bike brand "BICYC" came into being.

Why called BICYC?

The "BICYC" team, from founder Zhou Fuyuan to ordinary employees, likes all kinds of gadgets with a sense of the future, technology, and machinery. Therefore, it is logical to name the brand "BICYC" - You can also understand it as "the force + machinery", or "the combination of man and technology".


After all, no matter what kind of transportation, its most authentic characteristic is that it needs to be driven by human power; at the same time, in order to achieve easier travel, it also needs the help of mechanical power.


"Technology Revolutionary. Easy Cycling."

We believe that cycling commuting and even biking should be efficient and easy.

Therefore, when designing products, we not only consider the current needs of users but also focus on the possibility of users changing their living conditions and changing their needs in the next five, ten years, or even a longer period of time.


We hope to design such an electric bicycle: individual, creative, simple, and compact, with excellent performance, outstanding appearance, and full of exquisite sense of future technology.

BICYC is to provide creative but useful individual mobility solutions for global users, endow the ultimate riding experience with high-performance intelligent products, and open a new era of transportation with innovative technology.


At BICYC e-bikes, we have a team of genius with the spirit of exploration, adventure, innovation, action, and focus. We love what we do and are full of passion to build amazing things!


We are practical but with a long-term vision. BICYC puts much concern on the near future. We are committed to creating cycling with technology and sustainability, to contribute to a cleaner and more environmental-friendly world for ourselves, cyclists, and for the planet.

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