Get your IREFOX Gravel Bike Now!

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Update time : 2022-09-16 16:41:32
Get your IREFOX Gravel Bike Now!

As we all know, all-terrain road bikes not only give you the handling and speed of a road bike but also allow you to go outdoors like riding a mountain bike.

Today, we will introduce our own brand of gravel bike
 IREFOX F1, which is super cost-effective, beautiful, and durable.

IREFOX Carbon Fiber Gravel Bike. Performance For Any Road. IREFOX delivers the versatility and durability that adventure and gravel ride demand, yet it’s so fast. Fast-rolling, with lots of grips, and constructed to handle the worst gravel you can imagine—you’ll be whooping with joy.

Updated carbon fiber frameset, lightweight, brings more smooth riding experience. Integrated carbon fiber handlebar, improving handling and reducing wrist pressure. You surely are focused on your cycling team!

All internal wiring effectively reduces wind resistance and improves riding efficiency and delivers durability. The well-organized wiring design is more scientific and meets your various needs for appearance and performance.

Cable-actuated hydraulic disc brake, quick response, and easy to brake on all road conditions. All-terrain and anti-skid tires, superior control on loose gravel and dirt for total confidence.

Lighter and stronger, bringing excellent comfort and rigidity equipped with the carbon fiber frame.

Shimano 105 R7000 groupset, easy to ride on the most challenging terrain. The minimum gear ratio of 1:1 can make you not afraid of steep slopes, and off-road is more labor-saving.

IREFOX F1 has Olive green, Glossy black options. Let such an affordable and high-value
upgrade become your next gravel bike, and enjoy the fun of advanced riding with the fastest speed!

You are more than welcome to become our distributor!
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