How to choose a suitable bike light?

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How to choose a suitable bike light


More and more people love cycling. Due to the relationship of work, the optional riding time is usually only at night and on weekends. During holidays, night riding has become a very popular choice. Due to the particularity of night riding, lights have become a necessity, we summarize some tips for your reference when you choose a bike light.


The importance of bike lights

Bicycle accidents have a high rate of casualties! Taking a closer look at the occurrence time of bicycle fatalities, although there are far more cyclists during the day than at night, the accident fatality rate from night to early morning is as high as 45%. The obviously high data highlights the importance of bicycle lighting equipment, because the law does not mandate the installation of lighting equipment on bicycles, and the lack of reflective devices on the body makes it easy for bicycles to collide with bikes and motorcycles when driving with poor visibility. However, most riders who have the habit of cycling have long understood the importance of lights for driving safety, and they all regard lights as a necessary accessory.


The choice of bike taillights

The first heavy illumination angle of the tail light focuses on factors such as environmental protection, energy-saving, and price, but there are so many bike light products on the market, so how should customers choose?


According to the purpose, bicycle lights can be divided into warning lights and lighting lights. The main function of the warning light is to allow the rider to be seen to maintain a safe distance. Generally, taillights are warning lights; the lighting must provide enough illumination so that the rider can clearly see the road ahead. Generally, headlights are lights. But it also has a flashing function, which can be used as a warning.


Since the taillights are mainly used as passive lighting for warning, the purpose is to be seen. Therefore, the taillights must be clearly seen by the rider from all angles from the rear to the side, so they must have a certain light intensity. What is important is a broad light distribution. Therefore, in addition to observing the brightness of the rear, you should also look at the brightness of the left and right sides from 30 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees when purchasing tail lights. And uniform light, of course, is the safest.


The installation positions of taillights are mostly in the seat tube, seat cushion bag, and chainstay. When purchasing, you must pay attention to the convenience of its installation, such as whether you need to use tools, whether it can be fixed on the seat cushion bag, and whether it can correspond to different sizes of tubes, and paths. When installing, be careful not to block the light source with other objects.


The choice of bike headlights

As a headlight for active lighting, its LED wattage has always been the focus of customers' concern; in fact, the higher the wattage, the lower the luminous efficiency. Although it will be brighter, it will not increase proportionally. For example, when riding a bicycle on a bright street or in the early morning or evening, the general headlights can be used as passive lighting with ease, and even turning on the flashing mode is enough; when riding a bicycle in the suburbs or places without street lights, of course, high wattage is required. The headlights do active lighting.

In addition, the illumination angle also affects the brightness. The larger the angle is, the lower the center brightness is; the smaller the angle, the brighter the center and the farther the illumination is, just like the difference between the near and far lights of a bike. The products on the market are between 8 and 16 degrees. customers should choose according to their riding habits and road conditions. If they are accustomed to riding in suburbs or mountainous areas without street lights, of course, they can also be paired farther and nearer to be safer. However, since most of the lights are beams of light, it is easy to make the oncoming bikes feel dazzling, so special attention should be paid to the irradiation angle not too high.


Most of the headlights are installed on the handlebars. When purchasing, customers must pay attention to whether they can be matched with the handlebars of the bike, whether the installation is convenient, and whether the horizontal angle is adjustable. If there is no room for the handlebar, it can also be mounted on the front fork reinforcement plate using the adapter light bracket.


In terms of functions, it is best to have full-bright, half-bright, and flashing modes to switch according to actual road conditions. For example, when riding a bicycle on a brightly lit city street, the flashing mode is more eye-catching than the constantly bright lights. Most bike light products are rainproof. If water is unfortunately still in, you should turn off the power first, wipe it on, dry it in the shade, and then turn it on.


Bike lights will become standard equipment for cycles in the future. No matter whether you are riding a mountain bike, road bike, commuter bike, or basket bike, as long as you ride at night, you should install front and rear lights so that others can see the bike clearly at a glance. Its existence can guarantees the safety of driving!


The choice of the bicycle light should be comprehensively considered from the lamp bead chip that uses the LED light source, the maximum number of lumens, the driving circuit, the battery life, the heat dissipation design, and whether it is waterproof. The bike light market has a bright future and is a good business opportunity. Are you ready to stock up for your bike store/company?

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