Is it necessary to choose an excellent bike for teens?

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Is it necessary to choose an excellent bike for teens?

Teens' bicycles(16-24 inches, mainly for children and adolescents aged 4-16) refer to models that are different from adult bicycles and are specially designed for the proportions of teenagers. In the past few years, more and more people have paid attention to this field.

Some people think that youth bicycles are just an excuse for businesses to make money. Why can't they just be made into small-size versions of adult bicycles? Or adjust the height of an adult's bicycle and lower it, and it can also be ridden. Some people think it is necessary. Children's bones and body proportions are different from adults. The specially designed model geometry can better protect children's bone development and avoid premature sports injuries. 

However, some people worry that the child is growing all the time, and the bike they buy cannot keep up with the speed of the child's height change, and it will be idle after riding for a long time.

But in fact, in addition to protecting bone development, a bike that is suitable for you and is light and easy to maneuver can also cultivate children's interest in riding and develop the habit of exercise.

Nowadays, all countries are advocating low-bike life and green travel. Bicycles are the most environmentally friendly and low-bike in travel mode. With the popularity of automobiles being slowly squeezed out of the "main road", and with the popularity of bicycle culture around the world, now more than ever, children need to be able to get out of the house for some peace, fresh air, and exercise. Get on a bike, use one for exercise, transit, as a competitive channel, or just want a new way to explore your area. Therefore, it is still necessary to choose a good bicycle for your child. What do you think?

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