Lunch Rider Project with the Bike Store

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Update time : 2023-04-21 13:35:05

BICYC launched the " Rider Project " with the Bike Store

BICYC E-Bike and Shanghai Bikehome bike store launched the  Lunch Rider program. Every Tuesday will organize a cycling event.


We can't go to mountains, rivers, and fields during lunch break, but we can't stop the light of longing for the outdoors in our eyes


Cycling experience can also happen downstairs in the company, on the greenway. As long as there is a road, as long as people are together, as long as the car can reach the place. Cycling can create more unexpected possibilities in life. Riding on the road, experience different possibilities at speed.


The Lunch Rider project is a bond that turns individuals into collectives. Gather us who are scattered in the city into the Milky Way. Cycling is the best choice for you to see the scenery outside. Taking the first step, you can start by cycling 10 kilometers downstairs on the greenway with the people around you, and then with confidence, go to the mountains, go to the distance, use the wheel to draw circles, and measure the world.

Whether you have a bike or not, please communicate with us in advance and we will arrange the schedule for you. Not limited to your own mountain/road/shared bicycles,  We will provide the BICYC CITY. Air e-bike if you have no bicycles, so you can experience the thrill of speed while exercising.


Come and join us together!  


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