The era of electric two-wheeled popularity is accelerating

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The era of electric two-wheeled popularity is accelerating

The trend of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022) represents the development of the new world: electronic riding is not only a fashion but also a new way of life in the future. Therefore, e-bikes will not only survive but also thrive. develop.

The electric two-wheels mentioned here include electric-assisted bicycles of various shapes and sizes, as well as roads adapted to smooth roads, 007-style snow bikes, unconventional electric motorcycles, and electric scooters.

A plethora of new e-bike products has popped up on CES's 65,000-square-foot test track. Both traditional mainstream bicycle and emerging fashion brands have launched their latest electric two-wheeled products. For example, Momentum's new Voya E+ weighs only 18kg, which is excellent considering that e-bikes typically weigh between 25kg and 34kg. It features lower battery operating temperatures, and longer life, and is encased in the fire-resistant gel for added safety.

Making batteries safe is a big thing for us,” said Matthew Smith, e-bike business manager at Giant USA. Meanwhile, Smith stressed in an interview with Dealerscope. Many newer e-bike companies directly sell to consumers, and Giant's attitude: "We're one of the few companies that don't compete with retailers. "

For example, Aventon, the leading e-bike brand in the US, sells both through dealers and directly to customers online. At CES, Aventon unveiled the Soltera, a budget-oriented commuter bike. Simple in design and easy to maintain, the Soltera has both pedal-assist and full-throttle modes and can reach a top speed of 32km/h.

Interestingly, at least one company that shares e-bikes and electric scooters announced a move into retail at CES. Santa Monica, Calif.-based Bird (*Note: uncommon folding bike brand - Birdy), best known for its electric skateboards that populate urban sidewalks, has announced that it's available for consumers to buy. Two new models, an e-bike and an electric scooter. This pedal-assisted Bird Bike can travel up to 80km. For ease of maintenance, the car's rear hub motor uses a carbon fiber belt drive instead of a traditional chain and derailleur combination.

In addition, Bird has launched a non-electric three-wheeled children's scooter, the Birdie Glow, and aimed at adults, the company has added an electric scooter, the Bird Flex. Both products will be focused on online sales. Advances in electric assist systems also herald more new arrivals later this year. Bosch E-Bike Systems, one of the leading e-bike technology suppliers to companies like Trek and Gazelle, won a CES 2022 Innovation Award for its new turnkey connected e-bike solution.

It includes a mid-mounted motor, battery, and controller, all connected via Bluetooth to an eBike Flow app. The advent of the app means that bike manufacturers can customize to offer new digital features like automatic activity tracking and personalized riding modes.

"With our product, you can enjoy upgrades after purchase, with over-the-air upgrades to update services and features," Claudia Wasko, general manager of Bosch e-bikes, told Dealerscope. Coe said the interconnectivity of electric assist systems is a "megatrend", that will continue to change e-bike advancements. For example, she expects to add built-in anti-theft systems and additional safety features via OTA over-the-air upgrades next year.

Bigger and Wilder

E-bike designs are also evolving to be larger and more diverse. For example, Stockholm, Sweden-based Cake has launched its line of electric motorcycles. For example, one is the company's Makka "smart electric moped" with a maximum speed of 45km/h. The company offers a range of options for carrying cargo and even trailers for its e-bike products, which are updated with new features at the same time with Ridecake software, which works with the onboard Cake Connect module to provide business owners with real-time ride information, anti-theft features, and fleet management software.

On the other hand, if it's purely for fun, there's Moonbike from Annecy, France. The French startup has unveiled what looks like something out of a James Bond movie: an e-bike with skis and tractor pedals for hiking in the snowy mountains.
This "Moonbike" for adventurers in remote areas has a top speed of 45km/h, a maximum climbing angle of up to 40%, and can run for about an hour and a half with a single battery.

Among Vespa-inspired models, Segway (yes, that Segway Segway) unveiled two new electric mopeds at CES: the P100S and the P60. Both models feature more advanced elements, including turn signals, wider tires, and wider pedals, to make them more road-friendly. Prior to this, Segway had launched an emptied C80 electric moped in the market. (It can reach a top speed of 32km/h and does not require a license.)

Electronics also extended all the way to racing motorcycles. Damon HyperFighter Colossus in banana yellow attracts a lot of attention. This quirky electric motorcycle has a cruising range of 234km, accelerates from 0 to 60mi/h in just 3 seconds, and can reach a top speed of 273km/h, which is an eerie statistic. While $35,000 sounds expensive, it offers great performance for a fraction of the price of a Tesla Model S..

The number of electric balance bikes and scooters on the market is growing, with well-known motorcycle companies Kawasaki, Stacy, and others dabbling in it. We also have a miniature version for children based on full-size motorcycles, so that children can seamlessly connect to larger motorcycles when they grow up.

In fact, the various E-bikes and related innovative electric transportation modes on display show that there is still a lot of room for innovation and growth in the future of electric two-wheelers. Giant's Smith also stressed that this is still a largely untapped market, and consumer electronics retailers can help attract new customers by offering advancements in expertise and accessories.

 "As an analogy, we're in the red-and-white era of the E-bike," Smith said at the same time. "We're still a long way from the iPhone era -- but we'll be there soon."

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