The Trend of Electric Bicycles

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The Trend of Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles have never stopped growing, and global production continues to grow. People's attention to health and environmental protection continues to increase. Due to the impact of global energy, environment, and epidemic factors, electric bicycles also assume the responsibility of urban "micro-flow", To a certain extent, it plays the role of replacing cars and public transportation in the city.


According to the forecast of Mordor Intelligence, by 2027, the global electric bicycle market is expected to reach 54.48 billion US dollars. The estimated growth rate of the global electric bicycle market will exceed the overall expected growth level of the global sports bicycle industry, and it is a strong segment in the global bicycle market.


Bicyc is to provide creative but useful individual mobility solutions for global users, endow the ultimate riding experience with high-performance intelligent products, and open a new era of transportation with innovative technology.


We focus on continuous improvement and participate in the construction of a sustainable society. Solving some of the most pressing issues facing urban mobility, for ourselves, for our users, and for the planet. Bicyc is committed to making two-wheeled electric mopeds a sustainable way of travel in cities. With the curiosity to explore the world, the innate spirit of adventure, and strong concentration and innovation, we have developed and put into production a series of BICYC e-bikes, which have won unanimous praise from many users.

We sincerely welcome you who are keeping pace with the times to grasp the new opportunities for the development of two-wheeled electric bikes. Welcome to CONTACT US for more information.

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