Why E-Bike is becoming more and more popular?

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Why E-Bike is becoming more and more popular?


Not long ago, electric bicycles(E-Bikes) were ridiculed by most drivers as a means of cheating in competitions. Big data from major research companies are telling us that electric assist is actually quite popular among ordinary consumers and riding hobbies. favored.


For example, last year Yamaha, Bosch, GoCycle, and other brands/dealers stated that their 2020 sales targets were successfully achieved or exceeded. All data shows that the electric bicycle market is getting more and more popular, and it is obvious that electric assistance is used abroad, especially in foreign countries. European and American countries are indeed more popular than China.

 So, why are electric bicycles so popular abroad? There are several reasons that may be worth our consideration.


1. Official push

In 2019, UCI (International Cycling Union) officially approved E-MTB, that is, electric mountain bike as an official competition event of UCI, with world championships and rainbow jerseys, indicating that the official is gradually advancing not only in daily life but also in the competition level. The participation of electric bicycles.

2. Celebrity effect

The support of many celebrities in the bicycle industry and other circles has led many people to turn their attention to electric bicycles. For example, track cycling gold medalist and World Championship gold medalist Victoria Louise Pendleton said that electric mopeds are a very good choice.

In addition to the guidance of official bicycle agencies and sports celebrities, the stylish appearance of e-bikes has also attracted Hollywood stars such as Naomi Watts, and politicians such as the Prince of Wales, and even used to promote its image of being close to the people and environmental protection.

"Celebrities do this, and so do I!" The celebrity effect objectively promotes electric power as a new symbol of fashion.


3. Cost less and meet the rigid needs

According to statistics, taking Europe as an example, for example, there are 30 million people in Germany who commute to work, of which 83.33% (about 25 million people) go to work less than 25km, and most of them have a commuting distance of fewer than 10km, so efficient commuting has become A rigid need, choosing the right way to travel is crucial. However, riding a simple human-powered bicycle is very inconvenient in hot summer or cold winter, especially when office workers are dressed in different ways to exercise. At this time, people urgently need to find alternatives. Electric bicycles are obviously excellent. choose.


4. Environmental protection and multi-country policy support

In Europe and the United States, especially Europe, both official and non-governmental NGOs have a stricter attitude toward carbon dioxide emissions. For example, they are preparing to completely ban gasoline engines, and some car manufacturers are also following the trend. Reduced CO2 emissions: Therefore, the use of e-bikes is indeed an environmentally friendly, quiet, and economical way to travel on short commutes on congested roads.

In addition, in European and American countries, domestic pure electric vehicles are not very common, which has a certain relationship with the slightly higher price of such pure electric vehicles in Europe and the United States. Ordinary electric mopeds do not require a driver's license or a license plate to ride, which means greater freedom and avoids more cumbersome supervision.


5 . Can make up for the lack of physical fitness

The drive system of the electric bicycle can provide uniform and adjustable auxiliary power, prevent heavy riders from overloading the knee or thigh muscles, effectively reduce the pressure on joints, tendons, and ligaments, and is also very suitable for those who are not physically fit and want to ride faster. Riders or riders recovering from an injury.


At the same time, electric assistance also means that you can enjoy more riding fun. With the same physical fitness, electric assistance can allow people to ride longer distances, enjoy more scenery, and carry more cycling equipment with them. , which greatly improves the riding experience, and is naturally popular with leisure raiding parties.



6. Simple maintenance

The maintenance required for electric bicycles is also relatively simple. The frequency of failures is lower than that of ordinary bicycles. Most of the most common after-sales problems encountered by users are caused by unfamiliar use skills, and maintenance is not complex. It is more and more often to see e-bikes on the streets. Do you want to try to design your own LOGO E-Bike?


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