MagicCycling Trade

The leader of bicycle e-retailer and wholesaler of China.

MagicCycling Trade has established distributorship and/or dealership with more than 80 brands/OEMs from all over the world. We offer wide range of products to Chinese riders via Tmall, Taobao, JD.COM and own webshop. Besides, 2000+ IBDs use our Bike Street app for purchasing.

Are you a brand owner? Would you like to join the booming Chinese sportive bicycle market? MagicCycling Trade is your perfect partner.

Retailing (B2C)

MagicCycling is leading bicycle e-retailer in China. Our webshops on Taobao, Tmall and JD.COM generate tremendous turnover always stay in top ranking. In addition to that, we operate our own online store on web and mobile.

Distribution (B2B)

MagicCycling supplies to 2000+ independent bicycle shops across the country via our proprietary system ‘Bike Street’. We strive to provide shopkeepers with rich choice, clarity and convenience.

MC Strategy

MagicCycling Trade is famous for creating the MC Strategy to help new brands gain their pace. By working with MC Media, distribution of products is coupled with marketing campaign. Both contribute to each other and create self-sustainability.

Key Figures


IBDs supplied


Monthly e-commerce fulfillment






Flawless fulfillment is guaranteed in the distribution center in Guangzhou, managed by an efficient logistics team.


More than 80 brands and OEMs have chosen MagicCycling as the distributor and/or retailer.

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