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A vibrant union of emerging bicycle brands

MagicCycling has run business for more than 15 years. From there we’ve developed deep friendships with many excellent local brands. One day we asked ourselves, ” if we do have amazing products, why don’t we let customers outside China enjoy them, together as a joint force? ” This is exactly the purpose.

By forming a powerful union, we form a worldwide distribution network dedicated to emerging bicycle brands. We absolutely differentiate ourselves from boring exporters. Our ultimate goal is to breed the next A-class brand. Will you join our crusade?

Our Brands

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Bicycles and e-bikes

Complete bikes and framesets


Quick is a powerful Chinese bicycle brand in recent years. Its factory has been engaged in OEM production for many high-end brands for many years. With strong technical R & D and production strength, a high standard production process, and strict quality control, it has become one of the representative brands of domestic high-end road vehicles.


EJOYSPORT was founded in 2017, focuses on high-quality sports equipment, research and development, production, sales and peripheral technology development, service support. The electric bicycle products cover riding scenes such as professional sports, leisure, and commuting. Products are hot selling in Europe, the United States, and China.


Seka is committed to developing high-end road bikes. It started its business in 2017 in Shanghai. It consists of four words: sage, excellent, keeps, and artist. This is the idea to convey to all riders, and it is also our requirement for ourselves. Continue to surpass themselves, still adhere to the dream in the plight, to be a cycling artist full of wisdom!

Bike Parts

Lights and electronics


XCADEY was founded in 2013, mainly engaged in Spider Power Meter, Crankset POWER Meter, motion sensor, bicycle GPS computer, GPS sports watch, and intelligent riding platform. The sales volume of the products is leading the express. XCADEY is committed to continuously promoting the intelligent progress of sports so that the beauty of sports is beyond imagination.


ENFITNIX was founded in 2016, mainly focuses on the design, development, manufacture of high-quality bikes lights. “Providing high-quality products with the best user experience for our customer” is the design proposition. It was popular among lots of bicycle riders. It’s the driver of the intelligent tail lamp market popularization and sold very well in many countries.


SHANREN was founded in 2012, is a professional sports equipment brand. It has been actively active in the field of bicycles and outdoor products and is committed to creating creative products integrating aesthetics and technology. Mainly products include a code meter, lamp, heart rate meter, sports camera, etc., and were perfectly designed with the concept of minimalist aesthetics.


Clothing and bags


BOODUN is an athletic equipment brand that has been in business for 12 years. BOODUN started with gloves has developed cycling shoes, protective gear, sports apparel, etc. BOODUN uses the carbon sole that is only used for high-end products and double rotary knobs for its lock shoes. It is quite impressive with its dazzle color reflective vamp.


KAPVOE is good at providing fashionable riding glasses at surprising prices. It has many styles and first-class functionality. Products equipped with a full-frame design that brings a wider field of vision, windproof, dust-proof. It’s popular with entry-level riding enthusiasts and is a model of Chinese cost-effective brands.


RHINOWALK focuses on the production of waterproof riding bags. Let users focus on the riding itself and not be affected by any external conditions. Simple design to solve complex problems tries its best to design products with excellent performance, grows in the spirit of concentration, exquisite design, and manufacturing.


PMT’s brand concept is “forever forward”, we have been creating products based on safety and fashion since 2012. Each helmet carefully selected the best style with an extraordinary way to create and all products adopted exquisite production technology with unique, pure spiritual quality to highlight its extraordinariness.

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